Never neglect saw chain maintenance. The efficiency of the chainsaw depends on the condition of the chain!

Properly maintaining your saw chain saves money and cutting time.

Here are some clues that your chain needs sharpening:
- Your saw no longer evacuates wood shavings, but rather sawdust.
- Your saw no longer cuts in a straight line.
- The knives are not well sharpened.
- The chain “clicks” or “jumps”.

Never force a dull chain; this could increase the risk of injury and damage the chain and guide bar.

In the link below, our National Technical Manager at STIHL Canada, Chad Dubois, shows you how Sharpen your STIHL saw chain properly . (video available in English only)

Remember: After you have sharpened your chain approximately five times, take it to your STIHL service dealer for a proper sharpening. Even with the correct tools, you risk applying the wrong sharpening angles. Your STIHL dealer has the equipment to sharpen your chain with precision, and professional sharpening will help it last longer.

Here are some other tips to keep your chain in good condition:

1) Avoid contact with dirt, rocks or other abrasive materials when cutting.

2) Regularly check the chain tension; a chain should always be under tension. Note: Do not adjust chain tension after cutting as it will contract as it cools.

3) Never install a new chain without first inspecting the sprocket and replacing it if necessary.

4) Check the chain often for wear or damage.

5) Make sure the chain is always well lubricated by checking the chain oil level each time you fill up with gas.