Êtes-vous prêts pour le printemps?

Are you ready for spring?

If your tools have been hibernating all winter, now is the time to get them out and put them to work!

Follow the tips below to get the most out of your STIHL tools this season.

You can always bring your equipment to your STIHL retailer for a focus. Plan your visit early in the season to get off on the right foot when it comes to preparing your outdoor motorized equipment.

(Note: For a complete list of maintenance and repair tips, always consult your product's instruction manual.)

Cleaning and inspection

- Always start by cleaning the equipment, if this has not been done before winter storage.
- Do a complete visual inspection of all your equipment. Check that the case is not cracked and that all controls are in good working condition.
- Check the condition of your chainsaw's hand guard and chain brake.
- Always inspect the deflector of your grass trimmer and brushcutter and the knife guard of your hedge trimmer.
- Inspect the guard of your edger.
- Tighten all accessible screws and bolts.
- Replace the trimmer line of your grass trimmer and brushcutter. (It dries out and old yarn tends to break more easily, so be sure to have a spare!)
- Inspect and sharpen as needed (or replace) all blades of all cutting tools and accessories; don't forget your hand tools!
- Check oil and air filters and drain or replace as needed.

Opt for freshness

For all your gas-powered equipment, you must remember to:
- Start with fresh fuel. Fuel over 60 days old can cause engine problems that could affect the proper operation of the equipment.
- We recommend a 50:1 mixture of high octane fuel and oil. Click this link to use our online calculator .
- Be sure to dispose of old fuel properly.
- If you use your tools occasionally, MotoMix premixed fuel is a good choice for you…ask your STIHL retailer for full details on this great product.
- Replace spark plugs if necessary.

Electrical equipment:
- Inspect all electrical cords. Do NOT use if electrical cord is damaged or insulation material is cracked.

Battery equipment:
- Charge the batteries.
- Recycle your old batteries. Find a drop-off center here: http://www.call2recycle.ca